Healthy Lawn Irrigation, LLC  

                    Turn your lawn into a Healthy Lawn!         

Irrigation Installation and Maintenance

We install irrigation systems of all sizes.  We use a mixture of Rainbird and Hunter products- based on which items have proven, over time, to have the  best quality.   Contact us for a free estimate.  Referrals upon request.

Irrigation Maintenance

Spring Start Up

We begin starting up irrigation systems around mid-March, upon request.  We go through each zone, ensuring that everything is properly working.  If repairs are necessary we will make small repairs at the same time.  If major repairs are needed we will contact you for permission and to schedule a time. We appreciate your busy schedules, and we work hard to fit into your schedule instead of making you fit into ours.


We begin winterizing in October, upon request.  We flush all water out of every zone and the backflow preventer. 

Backflow Testing (BFT)

We are certified to perform the annual testing of your backflow preventer, as required by the city in which you live.  We offer a discounted price if we perform your BFT while we are already out for Spring Start Up.  Memphis BFT are always to be performed in the Spring (new requirement).

Repairs- Any time that you need a repair, just contact us, and we will come right out!


We install all types of drainage systems, based on your needs. 


We install and maintain outdoor landscape lighting.

Mosquito Systems

We install our direct pestigation systems thru your existing irrigation system. We also maintain the Coastal Mosquito systems as well.

Landscape Install and Design

Landscape Maintenance

Swimming pools, Hardscapes, Arbors, Pergolas